Meet The Characters 

Herkamees is a fun filled tale full of hope, excitement, and touching moments that will capture your heart. Learn more about the colorful characters that are a part of this amazing children’s book by reading their bios on this page. The personalities of the characters that contribute to this story will intrigue your children and your kids will want to know more about them, and the outcomes that will result from their adventures.

     A story filled with vibrant characters entertains the reader, and as the story progresses readers find themselves wanting to know more about the characters. With interesting characters, we want to know what motivates their actions, what they plan to do next, and what will be the result of their actions.

     The story of Herkamees builds your children’s curiosity, engages them, and keeps them coming back for more. They will ask you time and time again to read them the story of Herkamees. Take a look at the incredible characters that make this children’s book so popular. The characters in Herkamees will have your children laughing, uplifted by their positive energy, and they will learn valuable moral lessons.



Gracie Lou

     Gracie Lou is a brave, funny, adventurous girl. She’s got lots of spirit, and she likes telling stories. (In fact, the only thing she might like better than telling stories is drawing them!) She loves her Pa and the animals on her farm. She loves the horses, the sheep, the pigs, and the cows, Seymour the Barn Cat, and, of course, her best friend, Herkamees. 




A scrappy, little puppy with a big, beautiful heart; Gracie Lou finds him in the woods and brings him to Pa. Pa fixes him up, and their adventures begin!

     Herkamees has special needs. Gracie Lou quickly learns that this makes taking care of him more of a challenge. She also learns that sometimes a challenge can make a special friendship even more special.





     Gracie Lou’s pa is a lot like Gracie Lou! He’s kind, patient, loving, and he’s really fond of Herkamees.

     Pa is there for Gracie Lou when she’s in a pinch. He likes their long talks, which are sometimes funny and other times serious. Gracie Lou likes helping Pa with chores around the farm.





Gracie Lou’s ma isn’t sure about Herkamees. She only wants the best for her little girl, and she’s not sure if Gracie Lou can handle a special needs puppy.

     Can Gracie Lou prove that she’s capable?






  Gracie Lou’s Brothers

Gracie Lou’s brothers pick on her a lot. They drag her through the snow, and they act a lot like monkeys.

     They really need to work on their manners. At the dinner table, they don’t even use forks and plates! (Well… sometimes, they use plates.)

     Will Herkamees help Gracie Lou to see the good in her brothers?



Characters Image

The Other Kids at School

    The other kids don’t like Gracie Lou. They pick her last at recess, and they aren’t very nice to her.

    Will Herkamees help the other kids to see the good in Gracie Lou?




              Keep reading to find out…!