Cute Puppy Page


     There is just something about a cute puppy that gets everyone excited. From their beautiful, sparkling eyes to their warm, furry coats, they draw us in, and once they do we don’t want to let go. Gracie Lou was easily captivated by her companion, Herkamees, when she first discovered him in the woods, and many of us can recall a similar experience of coming in contact with a cute puppy that we wanted to take home with us.

     We may see our furry friends at the pet store or in our neighborhoods, but no matter where we find them, and regardless of whether we can keep them, we have a strong urge to care for them. When we see them, we feel their need to be loved, their longing for a loving home, and we want to provide that for them. When they happily jump up and down or wag their tails, we sense their joy, and this fills us with happiness. You and your children will easily relate to the characters in this children’s book filled with compassion, tenderness, and humor.

     Our Cute Puppies page is filled with images of adorable puppies like Herkamees. Have fun browsing around our gallery and enjoying these precious photos with your little one.







 big puppy image

Look at those paws! He’s going to be a big boy, one day.


 double cute puppy

Double the cute!


tired puppy image


The tiredest face in the world. 

cute puppy beard image

The tinest, cutest beard ever! 


puppy chew image

“What chew say?”

This face is the definition of the word, WARY. And the word, CUTER!

(Look up both words and learn their definitions!)


Cute Puppy image

The smaller the puppy, the bigger the Aww…!