Herkamees - Online Story Book

About the E-book…

Gracie Lou doesn’t have many friends. She gets “picked last at recess and picked on by her older brothers.” After getting the chicken pox for what seems like a lifetime (“Or two, even!”), she finally gets better and goes outside to play. But when she gets to the edge of the woods, she finds a true miracle – a hurt, little puppy that has somehow managed to survive the cold winter snow. She wraps it in her hat and takes it to Pa, because Pa is her hero, and he can fix anything…

So begins the story of a girl and her dog. A classic pairing that speaks to the child in us all.

190 Pages long, For Ages 7 and Up, Compatible with both PC and Mac, iPad version is now available through the iBookstore from iTunes!

About the Author…

Wayne Bartholomew lives in Youngstown, Ohio, with the best friends that anyone could ask for – his dogs (Henry and Noel) and his cats (Marbles, Figgy, Pretty, Halle, Lily, Smash, and Hoagie). Wayne holds a master’s degree in English, which he earned from Youngstown State University. He is also a graduate of Kent State University. Through KSU’s School of Library and Information Science, he earned an M.L.I.S. 

Once upon a time, Wayne was a school librarian. He worked with grades K-5 and read them plenty of well-known books for children, such as A Giraffe and a Half, The Five Chinese Brothers, and Old Bear. He even read them some of his own stories, like Herkamees. When he’s not writing and drawing great stories for kids, Wayne is teaching people how to use computers at the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County.